One Dark Cloud

Yesterday I took a day off to go for a long ride on my motorcycle
with an old friend and a new friend I just met yesterday.  We rode
from Jacksonville to just north of Daytona Beach down A1A.

I almost didn't go because when I woke up and looked out my
window I saw a dark cloud.  It's strange how we are all capable
of pre-judging a whole day by "one dark cloud".  Fortunately
for me I have a persistent friend that kept saying... "Come on and go".

Had I listened to my first thought, I would not
have watched beautiful pelicans flying in formation
over the Atlantic coastline.  I would not have felt
the breezes off the ocean or seen a forest that had
been lost to wildfire last year... coming back to life
with new growth from charred burned trees and palmetto bushes.
Had I not gone... I would not have laughed with friends while
having lunch on a rooftop deck overlooking the ocean.

It truly makes me wonder..
How much of life do we miss because of  "one dark cloud"?

I am definitely going to strive to not let one dark cloud
determine my days.

Since I have nothing craft or decorating wise prepared to share with you today...
here is a picture of one of my stained glass pieces.

I hope you all have a "cloud" free day!

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Thrift Store Mirror Re-make

(Finished project)

Last week I stopped by the Humane Society Thrift Store to nose
around for more junk priceless treasures.  I spotted
a funky gold mirror with candle holder and
remembered seeing a little sign on the door that said
"Pictures & Mirrors 50% off"
Here is the dusty heavy gem as I found it.
It was marked $5.00, so I walked out the door with it for $2.50.

I knew right away that the candle holder had to go!  The little
round top part screwed right off... but I was left with the rest of
the holder.  I tried everything to get that sucker off, but it was
not budging.  I wiggled it with my hands back and forth...
tried forcefully to twist it, all while thinking "Hey if it breaks I'm only
out $2.50".   Since I was doing this on top of my stained glass
workbench I got the brilliant stupid idea to try to melt it off with
my soldering iron.  It started melting a "little" bit but it started
giving off fumes like something I've never smelled before.  So I nixed
that attempt.

No doubt I needed big tools for this job, so I headed to the garage
and came back with a hacksaw.
Awwww.... Victory!!

After I removed the layers of dust and grime it was paint time.
My first responsible thought was to tape off the mirror so I wouldn't
get paint all over the place.

But this tape idea seemed like way too much effort with all the
curvy edges, so I decided to just freestyle it. :)
First coat I applied was Gesso with a foam brush
and when it dried I went over it again with white acrylic paint.
The paint on the mirror was easily removed with
a fancy tool... called..... my fingernail.

Bottom line for my new beautiful mirror...  $2.50
 (I already had the Gesso & Acrylic paint)
I really love the way it turned out!

Now for the real exciting news...
I got my first comment & member on my blog.
Thank you so much Karen...
you made my day!


Craig's List - Oh the Places You Will Go for a Home Decorating Deal

For the last couple of months, I have been searching Craig's List for the perfect
China Cabinet that I can use in my sewing/ office / stained glass home studio.
I have visions of a vintage piece that I would so carefully paint a chippy white that
would hold my every expanding fabric collection and my mounds of sewing supplies.

One thing about Craig's List, either the piece is an out and out piece crap or the owner has a highly inflated view on what their piece is worth.  So day after day I sat with my coffee, fingers crossed, hoping today would be the day that I would be bringing home that perfect piece.

For about two months, I kept seeing a china cabinet ( that was in 2 pieces half wrapped in tarps). The picture was grainy and out of focus.  I looked at it from every angle and tried to imagine what it might be.  So finally I took the plunge and made the phone call.  The next thing I know... I was heading to a small airport to see the piece.  The china cabinet was in an airplane hanger!?!   I had to maneuver around 20 planes to get to a small wooden closet to check it out.  Who goes to an airplane hanger to see furniture???  

Well, the selling point was:  $200 and free delivery right then.   SOLD!
After all, I have no clue how I was going to fit anything into my
Volkswagen Cabrio.  Pre-planning sometimes is not my strong suit. ;)
Especially if there is something I want.  My motto...
Where there's a will
there's a way.
Once I got it home and CLEANED it up ( and it was filthy), I realized how beautiful this antique piece was.  The mahogany was in great condition.   Everything was perfect except one small detail.  The drawers stick.  Well...
after some googling I realized that there is a chance the drawers will correct themselves after a few weeks in climate control.  If not I will find another way to deal with it.

The biggest issue for me is:  After seeing how beautiful this piece is,  I don't have the heart to slap paint on it.  I guess I will work the room around this dark piece of furniture.  

So here it is:

another view:
You can see the drawer that won't close in this pic.

I wasted no time in filling it with Fabric & what-nots!! ;)

Believe it or not, it even had the Key.   It
was missing a couple of shelf supports for the two bottom
side cabinets, but I have ordered them online for
less that $4.   I think I got a great deal.

Now to organize the rest of this studio.
It is not going to be a small task.  I'm
definitely going to need a LOT of coffee and motivation
to get this job done.

Why is it when you do one small home project it leads to
massive amounts of other projects.
Now what's glaring at me is that I need to paint the walls, hang new window
treatments and lay new ceramic tile and move (2) 7" bookcases... for starters. :)
A creative woman's work is never done.  
What have I gotten myself into?  :)

If you happen to stop by... please join my blog.  I have
a very very sad empty members list.
Or at least just say hi?

Do your household projects lead to on to
more and more projects?

Shoot me a comment.  I will probably
do a double back flip the day that happens.
BTW...  I don't bite. ;)


Blog Header & an Unfinished Embroidery Project.

Well... after days and days of searching the internet for
inspiration for my blog header, I finally found it in a box of
unfinished projects in my craft room.  Whooda thunk it!!
Leave it to me to complicate things do thorough research.

Here is the unfinished embroidered pillow front where I found
my inspiration:
It's not really a wonky shape.  My photo setup consisted of
hanging a blanket over the top of a computer chair and laying
the pillow top on the back of the chair.  It was hanging on
for dear life!!  Obviously I need to take better photo's for the blog.
I believe I see a new camera in my future.  (This one was taken with
my handy dandy cell phone camera)

This piece was embroidered on a piece of natural muslin.
The blue background was done with a crayon.
I will do a tutorial on how to color cloth with crayons
and making it permanent.  It's really a great simple technique.

Here is the backside of my pillow top:
As you can see, I am obsessed with tiny stitches.  I'm not
really sure if it is really necessary to go to level... but I do.

I have been doing embroidery since I was a kid.  I really love doing it.

I found a great site with an excellent tutorial on
every stitch imaginable.  You can find it HERE.

If you happen by... please leave a comment.  I'm feeling kinda lonely. ;)

P.S.   Oh... btw.  I found this really cute button:
 and TONS of great design inspiration and freebies at
this terrific site:  The Cutest Blog on the Block .
Go check them out. :)


Freebies- Backgound

While I am searching the internet for ideas and free
graphics / backgrounds for the blog, I figured that I would share
some that I run across with you.
here is a Chevron pattern that could be used
as a background or possibly for scrapbooks.
There is many different colors, not just pink. :)

You can find them HERE.

I haven't been able to get much done with this blog project
because we had an unexpected "flood" in our house.
The handle in one of our showers broke off inside the
wall.   It was like Old Faithful.  But sometimes good things
come out of bad situations.  The main flooded room was
the last room with carpet.  I have wanted to get rid of this
carpet forever.  So YAY broken pipe!!!  The only downside
is that laying tile has been moved up to the top of my ever
expanding  To-Do list.  Not to mention painting that room's
walls and patching the hole in the wall and installing new

The plumber left me with a 1.5 x 2.5 foot hole.
but hey.... at least the flood is over & I get new flooring. :)


Great Organizer

My stained glass tools

I found this great organizer at Michael's.  It was on
sale.  Got it for around $23 marked down from $39,
if my memory serves me correct.  I initially bought
it planning to use it as a makeup organizer however
it didn't work out for my makeup because the sections
are too deep and a wonky shape.  But it worked out
great for all my stained glass tools that had taken over
the top of my work bench.
The organizer also has 3 tiny drawers.
One of the great things about this organizer is that
it swivels like a lazy susan.

This organizer could definitely be used for other
purposes such as sewing supplies.  People
who sew have lots of stuff!
 I can say this because
I do sew, crochet, embroider and quilt.

How do you like that back drop behind the organizer?
It's a paper towel!!  Man, I have to much to learn
about taking good pictures for this blog. :)

(And no, I have no financial interest in Michael's.  If
I did I would probably be relaxing on some beautiful
island beach right now, instead of  tormenting myself
about how to build this blog. )

I'm having such a rough time with the layout & design
of this blog site.  Patience...  yes please, I need patience.
Maybe I am over complicating this.... nah...
I would never do that.  hah!


Sewing Tips: Yardage Card

For you fellow sewing fans... just how cool is this?
Everyday Celebrations has made 5 different colors of this card.
I'm definitely making a couple of copies.  One for
my wallet and one for the top drawer of my sewing table.
When I see something as cool as this, I always wonder
why I didn't think about doing it.  lol!

Love the polka dots too!!

Do What You Love

Something to always keep in mind.

I actually really like these two pictures and would like to have 
them  hanging in my office/studio.  I think I will
put them on my HUGE future projects list.  They shouldn't
take very long to do, so maybe I will move them to the top of the
list so I will feel like I am accomplishing my goals. :)